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No only for few tests like FBS, LIPID PROFILE -Otherwise if the clinicians suggests.

Yes except for endoscopy for all other blood test one can have water if needed.

Usually it is advised 10-12 hrs of fasting for blodd test.

No urine sugarr has not much significance as the threshhold of the patient varies.

No as it can vary the test results one should follow 10-12 hrs of fasting except water.

Herbal medicine may cause abnormal test result.

2hrs from the finishing time of the breakfast.

Finishing breakfast you can have coffee, tea or milk immediately, in between not to have anything except water.

Please do follow as usual medications do not change anything for the sake of test.

10-12 hrs of fasting is required for this test, and oil free diet should be followed for 72hrs, fasting may not be followed if it is random sample.

Need full one day without alcohol.

Need full one day without Non-Veg.

Brushing the teeth or using mouth wash don't influence the test.

No as it can affect the test results do not smoke.

Lab, X-Ray and ECG(Presently).

No,before ENdoscopy should not drink coffee,tea,milk or water.